Relationship w/Money

Can We Make Do with Monopoly?

September 14, 2009

Now that the rest of America is living hand-to-mouth like my family, I’ve noticed a huge change in the mindset endorsed in advertising. Before our nation’s official recession, it was all about what we “deserved,” regardless of whether we “earned” it. Like a way-too-big house, a gas-guzzling V8 or that Fantasy Island dream vacation. Now […]

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Paying to Homeschool

April 1, 2007

Another homeschooling mom recently told me she attended a “relaxed” or “unschooling” networking group. She said it was primarily a social event as opposed to any information exchange between the parents. She also mentioned the afternoon get-together was held at a private home and how “nice” (translation: big and expensive) the place was. This wasn’t […]

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Die or Get Better

February 9, 2007

On Monday, my upper right second molar went Super Nova. I take such lousy care of my teeth; it’s my own lazy-ass fault. But being among the working-class poor with no health or dental care, I’m not financially prepared to spend hundreds of dollars getting my tooth pulled, or worse—get roped into the whole root […]

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