Mommy Issues

No Good Deed Part Deux

February 22, 2010

So I’m volunteering again on the last day of the library Book Sale. Same deal: a dollar a bag, get a second bag free. This time, pickings were really down to the dregs: Nora Roberts paperback romances and movies on VHS. In walks a Mom – late 20-something with a row of ear piercings and […]

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Public School as Baby-Sitter

January 14, 2010

Surprisingly enough, this is not a rant about children being bused off to public schools every day. This is a rant about a homeschooling mom who’s using her local public elementary school as a baby-sitter for her six-year-old, twice a week. The woman posted that announcement, without apology or embarrassment, merely ISO info about “the […]

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Where Did the Dinosaurs Sit?

October 2, 2009

The recent unveiling of the 4.4 million year old hominid fossils, “Ardi,” reminded me of the first time I heard a Creationist homeschooler make a comment about “that evolution thing.” In my 50+ years, I’ve met many people of many faiths, beliefs, crazy notions or no notion at all. But it wasn’t until that afternoon […]

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

September 21, 2009

So I’m volunteering on the last day of the library Book Sale. A dollar a bag, get a second bag free. That kinda Bargain Basement price brings out the frugal, the geeks, the hoarders and me. In walks a Mom, a little girl, a tween boy, and the oldest child – a taller-than-me, lanky, kinda […]

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Okay, Maybe Not Murder

August 25, 2009

Not every homeschooling mom fantasizes about murder. But every single one has plotted her Great Escape, one way or the other. That Wednesday night, sitting at the table with my teen, waiting—watching—waiting for him to compound that fucking interest, I was coming out of my skin. If you’ve never helped with homework: Imagine a friend […]

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