Adults Are Not the Enemy

Ways to Ask “What?”

June 17, 2007

“What are you doing?” is a question I’ve heard a ga-zillion times in my life. And since beginning to homeschool we do so many off-the-wall things, I hear it even more. But I gotta tell you; inflection is everything when it comes to the REAL meaning behind that word “What?” When Morgan says it, his […]

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The Nails on the Chalkboard Tactic

June 11, 2007

The five kids had set up Morgan’s four-man tent outside our patio door. Morgan, Austin, The Girls and Valerie. The Girls are sisters—one in Kindergarten, the other in second grade. Little pistols. But for the sake of this story, inconsequential. This one’s about Valerie, a chubby, nine-year-old Latino girl who lives in the apartment complex […]

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Blue Bags in the Snow

February 26, 2007

Yesterday we had our first decent snow of the season. For Maryland, that’s 3-inches. But the beauty was the snow had that perfect consistency for snowballs. Actually, snowballs rolled big enough for snowmen. Morgan & Austin were revealing a green grass carpet as they bullied the snow boulder across the apartment’s courtyard. Two other kids […]

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