What’s Your Favorite Word?

January 24, 2008

Mine is “More.” More food, more time, more bad habits, more stuff. Whatever it is, gimme more. If I consume it, I will feel full-filled. And it’s all my mother’s fault. Well, yeah, sorta. I mean, isn’t just about everything that makes us us traceable to Nurture or Nature? It’s never really our own fucking […]

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Be Good or He’ll Go

May 27, 2007

The fluorescent lights were bad enough, let alone a waiting room full of people. Across from me, a little boy squirmed in his chair. His too-young mother hovered over him, droning on about the need for the kid to “sit up,” His tattooed-up father, who was sitting up, stewed in silence. I’m not sure if […]

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