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No Habla Español

January 8, 2010

Now, don’t go getting your hackles up. This isn’t some diatribe about illegal immigration. It’s about my inadequacies in teaching Spanish to Morgan. Even though I’m confident Morgan will pass the semester, I’m not sure he’ll come away with alotta useful, conversational Spanish. Several of the tech programs at the local community college include Spanish […]

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The Beauty of Bowling

December 21, 2009

Seriously. Hear me out. And yes, I mean that twinkle-toed Fred Flintstone throwing the ball down the alley and knocking down the ten pins kind of bowling. Because it is, indeed, the perfect activity for homeschoolers. Here’s why: 1. It’s a cheap date. Go during a weekday afternoon when it’s dead. If you bowl more […]

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My Son, The Republican

January 3, 2008

To begin with, Morgan doesn’t understand why George W. just can’t keep on being President. He realizes the guy couldn’t win in a general election. But M does think we should give him four more years. What’s wrong with that? The depth of my son’s conviction is so clear (and verbal) that a friend brought […]

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Function Over Form

December 11, 2007

It was suppose to be an Assyrian Cherub. No, not one of those chubby babies with wings and the Betty Boop lips. Instead, in the ancient land a thousand miles east of Egypt, a cherub was a mythical creature with the body of a lion or bull, a man’s head and eagle’s wings. The animal […]

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Christianity to Ca$h Crops

March 16, 2007

We’re working our way through American history. Right now we’ve migrated south from the North Eastern colonies to Maryland through Georgia. M read about the religious freedom that sent the Puritans sailing across The Pond. When we got to the first Thanksgiving, I made sure to mention the smallpox blankets. In the south, the motivation […]

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