Relaxed Homeschooling

The Elastic Waistband of Relaxed Homeschooling

January 23, 2010

As I sit here all snuggly in my Just My Size “relaxed fit” cotton pants (Translation? Fat girl sweats), I can certainly appreciate the comfort of an elastic waistband. But I’d never wear’em out in public. Because even though the pants are stain- and pill-free, they’re not particularly flattering. And I can pretty much say […]

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Educational Dominatrix

April 6, 2007

I know I must sound like a total crack-the-whip Dominatrix about this whole Unschooling thing. But it’s like religion; I’m fascinated by the concept yet logic prevents me from making that Leap of Faith. So I decided to go to the source. I interrupted Morgan from chain sawing zombies in the mall to ask him […]

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