Just Say No…

dazzle…For as long as you can. Because once you start having sex, you’re not gonna want to stop. And it’ll distract you from all the other things that you really wanna do.

That was my sex talk with Morgan.

I went on a little about how sex can be alotta things—including fun. But once it gets past that stage, sex can become a problem. All the emotions, the head games, the hots. How could a kid concentrate on geometry? But that’s not an issue with M. Yet.

Twenty years ago, when my oldest son turned 15, I gave him a box of condoms. I explained that I was 15 when his father and I started having intercourse. So I would be deluding myself to think that sex at that age wasn’t a possibility. Nor was I encouraging Dallas to run out and rip open his new present to use one (or two) that night. But when he was ready, I wanted to make sure he was really ready. No lame-ass excuses about not having a condom, but having sex anyway. STDs, pregnancies and broken hearts alter lives.

So when I heard a recent study announcing that when it comes to parents having “The Talk” with their kids, it’s a matter of “too little, too late,” I’ve gotta wonder what are these people’s fucking (excuse the pun) hang-ups? I mean, the adults speaking with these children are their parents, right? And people become parents (in most cases) by having intercourse. Or at least, somehow, somewhere, somebody’s sperm is fertilizing somebody’s egg.

So why would it be so awkward to share info about a process that resulted in creating the very person you’re talking to? Afraid you can’t sell abstinence? If you tell your kid not to do something, doesn’t that make it all the more mouthwatering? I prefer to admit to my kids that sometimes sex is all it’s cracked up to be. But I’ve warned them that it’s also a Pandora’s Box. And being human, sooner or later, we all peek inside.

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