My Son, The Republican

Bush cropTo begin with, Morgan doesn’t understand why George W. just can’t keep on being President. He realizes the guy couldn’t win in a general election. But M does think we should give him four more years. What’s wrong with that?

The depth of my son’s conviction is so clear (and verbal) that a friend brought M an 8×10 color photo he took of Bush at the 2006 NAACP Convention. It’s framed and still proudly displayed in M’s bedroom. Seriously, don’t bad mouth George in front of my kid.

So how did this Libertarian, once a “bleeding-heart, do-gooder Democrat,” raise a Republican? Believe me, I ask myself that question every time I have to click off Keith Olbermann’s commentary when Morgan’s in the room. We’re both yelling at the TV, for different reasons. But Morgan wants me to be clear, he is NOT a Republican, he just likes Bush.

Okay, come on, cut the kid some slack. He’s only 13. His first real “political” memory is watching a Boeing 767 slam through the World Trade Center. Over and over again. And although the human tragedy of that day and all the days that followed still doesn’t really register, the consequences and repercussions of the event certainly has: The War in Iraq.

And in that regard, George W. is like any other boy playing Army. Never quit. Never surrender. Only difference is Bush can be a bully and get away with it. Gotta love that.

So it’s been with Morgan’s somewhat disinterest that I’ve tried to give him a last minute, 25-words-or-less overview of the Iowa caucuses. Truth was, a few months ago, even a few weeks ago, it seemed a non-issue. And now look.

Morgan will be happy to hear Hillary (ABC) lost. But he’s gonna shit when I tell him that Huckabee was a Baptist preacher! And Chuck Norris won’t help his case, either.