Aqua Teachable Moment

Universal_019I was watching Shepard Smith on Fox News recap Wednesday’s Boston bomb scare fiasco and I’m thinking this will be a great opportunity for one of those teachable moments with Morgan. He knows all the players and certainly understands America’s War on Terror. He also watches Adult Swim, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, on Cartoon Network. It’s an acquired taste but I gotta admit that little meatball guy can be pretty funny.

M had seen the news story play out as I flipped from Fox to MSNBC to CNN and back. He asked what was going on and at that point there were three or four “devices” that were turning questionable but had nevertheless closed down Metropolitan traffic and the fucking river. I didn’t put it quite that way, but I did give the situation a somewhat skeptical spin.

So yesterday, now that we got the rest of the story, and it became much ado about nothing (except in Beantown), I wanted to hear M’s opinion. Morgan loves George W. and I figured he might be a little hard on an ill-conceived, left-wing advertising ploy gone awry. You know, that whole Republican “tough on terrorists” mindset. WWGWD?

So I asked him if he thought the two 20-something goof-balls who were hired to place the devices around the city were at fault and should get in trouble.

“No, absolutely not,” said Morgan.

“Even though they scared alotta people and caused the city to shut down?” I asked.

“That’s not their problem,” said Morgan. “That was Boston’s stupid fault.”

End of story.

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