Blue Bags in the Snow

snowball.cropYesterday we had our first decent snow of the season. For Maryland, that’s 3-inches. But the beauty was the snow had that perfect consistency for snowballs. Actually, snowballs rolled big enough for snowmen. Morgan & Austin were revealing a green grass carpet as they bullied the snow boulder across the apartment’s courtyard.

Two other kids joined them—Little Ryan and some girl. Ryan was surprisingly well bundled. His crack-whore mother usually sends him out ill prepared to face the elements. The lanky girl, who I didn’t recognize, was in that prissy 10-12-year-old range. I never saw her actually help. She had the typical coat, hat and gloves. But on her feet were what I first took to be fluffy blue bedroom slippers. Turns out they were blue plastic recycling bags on the outside of her tennis shoes and tied in place by more blue bags. Yes, scuffing around in the snow with the bags on the outside.

When M’s Dad got home, he couldn’t wait to join them making the fort. Austin’s Mom came out on her balcony, waved hello and went back in. The other two parental-units were MIA. Even though I didn’t go out there, except to snap pics of the growing snow-VW, Billy represented our family. Besides I was busy inside being Mommy, making hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows for the gang. Two stirrers for each cup. I took the steaming hot cocoa outside on a tray just like June Cleaver or Aunt Bee. Except for the “instant” part.

What I want to know is—where was everybody else? The kids were outside for hours. Did it occur to any of the other parents to go play with the kids or make them something hot to drink or even give a shit where their kid was as long as he/she wasn’t inside bugging them? And what’s with the blue booties?

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