Christianity to Ca$h Crops

PA090038We’re working our way through American history. Right now we’ve migrated south from the North Eastern colonies to Maryland through Georgia. M read about the religious freedom that sent the Puritans sailing across The Pond. When we got to the first Thanksgiving, I made sure to mention the smallpox blankets.

In the south, the motivation of religious freedom had fallen by the wayside. It was all about the big three cash crop exports—corn, tobacco and indigo. And since it turned out American Indians made lousy slaves, the Europeans imported Africans.

Even though the History book concedes the annihilation of the natives and the enslavement of a people, it presents those facts without judgment. If anything, it kinda makes excuses for the white guys. Oh sorry, it’s just the nature of the beast: If we wanted something, we took it. Gosh, some things never change.

Home educating Morgan allowed him to not just learn about the pilgrims’ progress, but to freely express his disdain. Not just for the blankets, but for their Bibles, too. I’m not sure how much contempt you’re allowed to show for any religion in public school… Besides, are you even allowed to say “Christian” in the classroom?

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