Jeez Louise Camp

campfireI want to tell myself (and you, dear reader) the reason I found the documentary Jesus Camp so unsettling ISN’T because it’s about Evangelical Christians. I want to believe that if the film was about Tupperware saleswomen or European soccer fanatics, I’d find their behavior as disconcerting. But I’m not so sure.

My spiritual belief system aside, it’s the power of Faith that I find so fascinating, yet so frightening. Whether that devotion is lavished on Jesus, plastic tumblers or the World Cup, I just don’t get it. Wish I did. Looks like a good buzz.

The film stated that 75-percent of homeschooled children are Evangelical Christians. Maybe not in my neck of the woods, but nationwide, I can believe it. And it was a homeschooling mother’s logic as she and her young preacher man son discussed Evolution vs. Creationism that I found befuddling. It’s the Leap I can’t make. She’d call it a Leap of Faith. I call it Failed Logic.

I could easily relate to the mother when she questioned, “Why would I send them [her children] somewhere else for eight hours a day?” My sentiments exactly, Hon. And I share her conviction that, as home educators (not to mention parents), we have the right to teach whatever we want to our children. But we part ways over what we teach our children.

I’ll concede she’s correct when she says that unlike the iffy science of evolution, Creationism provides all the answers. But that rationale only works because God said so. So unless you’re willing to accept that premise as gospel (excuse the pun), Creationism won’t hold water. But to argue the point is pointless.

When the film ran again later that night, I couldn’t watch it. And I can usually suffer through anything at least twice. Funny, I recorded the PBS documentary, Tupperware! because I just could not get enough of Brownie Wise. Talk about cult of personality…

Look, I’m not interested in saving my soul. But saving my fresh vegetables, now that’s something to believe in.

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