The Island of Helpless Women

islandAny other time, that prospect would be a definite turn-on. But when faced with what could be over a decade (PreK-12th grade) on this uncharted desert isle, the XXX novelty wears off pretty fast. Believe me, when you’re trying to get something accomplished, you need Mary Anns, not Gingers.

My current homeschool head shaking results from a recent thread regarding registration for some upcoming Spring co-ops. Most leaders, myself included, have already scheduled their class locations, usually at public libraries—take it or leave it. But a few co-ops have yet to post their meeting details; so one mother asked about the proposed site(s) for an art co-op.

Before that co-op leader could respond with her preferences, there was a flurry over which library branch would be too far for which family and why. Now, in all fairness, if these women had been discussing the requirement to drive to another state three times a week for two years, I could dig it. However, the locations in questions were no-way, no-how more than an additional half-hour drive in any direction. And the co-op will only meet once-a-fucking-month for five months.

So, I ask you, is five times five times too many for these mothers to push themselves “too far” to benefit their children’s creativity? And what makes somewhere “too far,” anyway? The cost of gas, wear and tear on the minivan, fear of unfamiliar roadways, toddlers’ potty-breaks? Or is it because their breathing tubes won’t reach that far?

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