Turn It Upside Down

mantasmagorical_P8290208When we leave the house, I usually tuck away my Mac laptop. I have a habit of sliding it into the middle of a pile of papers, magazines and a metal clipboard. More than once, one of the little rubber feet has popped off when I pulled the slim computer across the edge of the clipboard. But I continue to stash it there out of convenience/laziness.

This past weekend, Morgan noticed me cursing as I popped a foot back on the Mac. When he asked, I explained the problem. “Turn it upside down,” he suggested. I was flabbergasted. It NEVER occurred to me to flip over the Mac, feet up. As if somehow something would spill out. What? —The circuits? My files? The Internet?

Now, I don’t know if that would have been your solution. My eventual remedy would have been to “Get up and hide it somewhere else.” But M’s simple pronouncement was so out of left field and it worked so perfect.

I’m not sure if that demonstrates the freedom of his thoughts or the limitation of my own.