Life Enrichment

microscopeWhat’s that? Well, apparently it’s the new buzzword for any type of activity where you’re not getting paid. You know, fun. Hopefully. And in the context I’m talking, it’s a non-credit class at a community college for Morgan, my 8th grader. Next year. That’s high school. Sweet Jesus.

Here’s an example:

High School Biology Lab-Part 2 $149?A two-semester course designed for homeschool students who are looking for additional laboratory experience to learn the basic concepts of biology. It provides an overview of the basic principles of biology including human biology, evolution, genetics, and ecology. Laboratory experiences teach and reinforce the use of scientific method in problem solving. This offers a broad introduction of biology to the non-science student, and provides an appreciation of the beauty and intricacies of the biosphere.

Today Morgan would shit his pants. But you know what? It’s coming. Maybe not this year, but that Bio course is exactly what we’re working towards. With our half-assed labs and spoon-fed scientific method, I’m preparing M for the day when hecan walk into a classroom (The World), participate in a semester-long program (Life) and come away “enriched (Happy).” All without me.

Some homeschooling families don’t seemed geared towards those academic goals, external educational opportunities or The Bigger Picture. Yet that type of investigative process just seems intrinsically important in a human’s experience. Every kid needs to flame-on a Bunsen burner, overflow a test tube or break a Petri dish. Plus we all have a dissection story. Pithing the frog’s brain is mine.

Luckily, Morgan continues to independently take nature workshops and programs at the library without any prodding. He’s certainly suffered through enough homeschoolers’ co-ops. And of course, there was first grade. “One-two-three! Eyes on me.” So given what I know about the nature of organized education, even if he couldn’t read or write to spec they’ll get him through. Especially for 150-bucks.

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