Where Did the Dinosaurs Sit?

dinosaur toys cropThe recent unveiling of the 4.4 million year old hominid fossils, “Ardi,” reminded me of the first time I heard a Creationist homeschooler make a comment about “that evolution thing.” In my 50+ years, I’ve met many people of many faiths, beliefs, crazy notions or no notion at all. But it wasn’t until that afternoon in the gym’s waiting area, where parents chit-chatted and breast-fed, that I encountered a scientific (not religious) concept so far afield from my own.

I guess Morgan was nine or 10. About a half-dozen moms were waiting for the Homeschoolers’ Gymnastic class to finish. A conversation had started about field trips, specifically Nature Centers. I can’t remember the location, but one woman commented that her family had really enjoyed its woodland walk. And she was especially thankful that the naturalist hadn’t gotten into “that evolution thing.” It was the friendly, nodding responses that caused me to excuse myself to hide in a stall in the Ladies’ Room to talk myself down.

I know alotta Christians who believe in evolution. Granted, they might not be able to explain how Darwinism actually meshes with the Holy Bible’s version. But when I went to Methodist Sunday School, I don’t remember any mention of dinosaurs being on Noah’s Ark. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Not a problem for Young Earth Creationists who totally buy into the literal interpretation of Creation by God’s clock. Meaning T. Rex, Adam, Eve and all their kin appeared on that sixth day, about 6,000 years ago, in happy coexistence. Which, to me, sounds ludicrous, given what science has shown. But that’s the thing – some of us have faith in Genesis, others in carbon dating.

The great irony is, you know, if I were a Christian, I’d be a Creationist. I’m so black-and-white, if I’m gonna believe, I’d have to swallow it all—hook, line and sinker. “Because the Bible tells me so.” This, of course, is why I’m not a Christian.

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