Brave or Bitter?

index_cardsSomething happened this month that I never considered. Another homeschooling Mom who I know told me that she read my blog. Now, you would think that I’d be pleased. I mean, isn’t that why people keep blogs in the first place? Well, sorta.

I really started writing a blog as a way to vent via the written word. As many diaries and journals as I’ve filled in my life, I rarely make entries any more. Same shit, different decade. Why bother?

This blog would be good practice, every three days, keep it short, brand me, Baby, brand me. Also this concept of blog-to-book: Organizing my entries as the seeds to chapters for essay/humor non-fiction. Like electronic 3 x 5 cards.

But basically to BITCH. So I found myself sending an email admitting my embarrassment. Because what I primarily bitch about are homeschoolers (or some cheap imitation thereof.) She said she liked it, that everybody has a right to their opinion, but not everybody is brave enough to share theirs the way I do.

Brave? I don’t know about that. Bitter? Definitely. I’d like to think that my seething strikes a cord with readers. Somehow all this snipping will open people’s eyes to look at their own petty, little worlds from my own petty, little perspective.

But who am I kidding?

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