So I’m Staring at This Rock…

Rock cu… And I’m thinking, “I could bash him in the head with this rock. But then I’d have to kill his father, too. Better wait until payday.”

Fortunately for my son struggling with Compound Interest and his father sleeping on the sofa, Friday was a few days off. By then, the test would be in the mail.

Ah, the mind of a homeschooling Mom. Seriously. If you ever meet a woman who’s home educating her child(ren) and she tells you she’s never run a similar Escape scenario in her head, she’s lying. And, no, Andrea Yates doesn’t count.

One of my prompts back to Blogging included a Welcome post to a homeschooling newbie on a Yahoo Group:

“We started HSing in 1st gr and now I’ll be starting HSing through high school in Sept.!!! It is so much fun that it all goes by all to fast…ENJOY!!!’

“So much fun???” Obviously this woman is doing something wrong.

And “it all goes by all to(o) fast…” I don’t know, I gotta tell you, that night, waiting for my high schooler to “Find the total amount and the interest on $506.09 invested for 4 years at 31/2% per year compounded annually,” Time was standing still. And I needed to Jump.

I know I can’t be the only self-aware homeschooling mother out there who questions whether home educating her kid was the biggest mistake she’s ever made in her life. Look, don’t get me wrong; I am committed to the belief that it’s my Constitutional Right to fuck up my own kid. But, damn, there are days when I understand why most parents ship their kids off to “school.” For better or worse.

The rub is, figuring out which is which. And for who—parent or child?

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